Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Latest:

Again, sorry for the picture quality! I've finally broke down and bought a copier/scanner/printer combo and I have yet to see how well it does scanning my paintings--so far my wonderful mother has scanned them on her NICE, high-quality scanner at her work!

This was a special painting for a friend whose little girl turned ONE!!!
This sweet girl has managed to wrap me around her itty bitty little finger, and I adore her!
I love custom orders for birthdays, too, because who doesn't love the messy, frosting-smeared face! Just awesome.

Here's sweet baby M framed. I painted the mat purple with acrylics after taking this photo, which I totally loved--looked so stinking cute with her little purple shirt.

This is actually a custom-order of an invitation for a couple whose little girl turned 3! She loves Raggedy Ann, of course, and wanted the invite to look *similar* to the Raggedy Ann costume Rhynn wore for Halloween. So I had to do a lot of staring down the picture and a lot of erasing, but luckily the family loved it!!! This is the same family who custom ordered the Backyardigans invite for their quadruplets seen HERE
(at the very bottom of the post, of course!)

And here's a stock photo from of the actual costume!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Some customs...

Helping Gram

Brian's Red Coat

Dressing Up at Gram and Grandad's House


Backyardigans Pirate Birthday Party
(invitation painted by me, wording done by client!)

I love to do custom paintings for people, and these are some I did for family and friends: the top two were for my parents and like a dork, I forgot to take pictures. So my mom had to try to scan them for me and for whatever reason, the colors didn't turn out right. Serves me right--next time I'll remember to take pictures! The second two are for my older brother and my little sister--memories from childhood (Brian and that red coat that mom had to wrestle him out of each night, Kells and I dressing up in our Grandma and Grandad's clothes and Grandma taking tons of pictures!).

"Kiyah" was an order from an old school friend for the little girl she and her husband she was hoping to adopt. I loved doing that one!! And the final one was a custom order for the wife of one of my husband's coworkers. They have quadruplet 4 year olds who are in love with the Backyardigans and also wanted a pirate themed birthday party, so my job was to combine the two! Fortunately, I was able to cheat a bit and found a picture of pirate Backyardigans (I've NEVER watched that show before, so I didn't even know what the characters looked like!), so I based my painting off of the pictures. They loved it, so they scanned and printed dozens of copies with the party details printed directly on the front! Pretty awesome. :o)

Sunday, December 13, 2009


This little lady got into her Momma's makeup bag and created a masterpiece out of her lovely little face! I have to say, I'm rather envious of those gorgeous, full lips.

(side note: that crooked husband of mine saw this picture for the first time and asked me why I was painting clowns...if I could have, I'd have covered this little glamour girl's ears for her!)

"I Did My Own Makeup Today!"

And here is a sleepy, sweet little blue-eyed munchkin ready for bed...but we all know one can't properly drift off into dreamland without a good story first!

"Can I Have a Story?"

Friday, December 4, 2009

"Going for a Ride"

"A Dance With a Friend"

"Come See The Pretty Things I Found"

"Let's Play Ball!"

"Old Friends"


"Vitamin D"

"Super Boy!"


"Playing Trucks"

"Little Princess.
And Her Prince Charming..."


"Little Cowboy"