Sunday, December 13, 2009


This little lady got into her Momma's makeup bag and created a masterpiece out of her lovely little face! I have to say, I'm rather envious of those gorgeous, full lips.

(side note: that crooked husband of mine saw this picture for the first time and asked me why I was painting clowns...if I could have, I'd have covered this little glamour girl's ears for her!)

"I Did My Own Makeup Today!"

And here is a sleepy, sweet little blue-eyed munchkin ready for bed...but we all know one can't properly drift off into dreamland without a good story first!

"Can I Have a Story?"


  1. Jillybean - I love the lipstick - and Wade's comment cracks me up. I just got my website and etsy site up. Come take a look!

  2. Yeah smeary makeup reminds me of you and Kelli when you were little. Oh good memories.